RiverstarThis is Riverstar in real life.

Riverstar of RiverClan
Riverstar is a sea blue she-cat with sea green eyes and black stripes.

Leader of RiverClan

Roleplay by Riverbreeze.


River was born to Star and Moon to powerful cats and with two siblings Wave(Wavestar) and Breeze(Breezestar). In the middle of Green-Leaf.

In 2 moons of life Star and Moon were killed by Tigerstar and Darkstripe. She and her siblings went off and live by there seleves and she meet her true love Sea(Seaheart).

7 moons later she and Sea made a clan call RiverClan. She became leader and he became deputy. Two loners came and join Soulpaw and Seapaw.




  • Riverstar will find out she has powers.
  • She and Seaheart will become mates.

Theme song